Website Traffic Guide

How do you get traffic? Advertise, advertise advertise!

There is no secret here. Marketing a business online takes a lot of time and money. So much so that you have to make a critical decision: Do you hire a marketing firm or do you do it yourself.

Step 1 Statistics

Get access or employ statistics software so that you can see how much traffic you are getting on your website. You may already have some free software that comes with your web site hosting service. Or you can setup free or small fee third part statistics. One common online application is Google Analytics. With statistics in place you will be able to see if your marketing efforts are having any effect.

When looking at statistics remember that a “hit” is simply a request made to the server. One web page may contain 5 photos and yield 6 hits for the request for the page and its associated images. To see real human traffic you need to look at “Unique Views” or “Page Views”. Unique views take all request from the same IP address as one person regardless of how many clicks. Page Views will be a high number because that same person might revisit that page many times.

It is important to study which pages of your web site are getting the most traffic.

If you have a specific offer page that is tied to an advertising campaign you can look at the traffic specific to that page in comparison to other pages.

Step 2 Landing Pages

Develop specific pages that contain very focused copy for a specific type of client like a doctor, or some one whole like to ride horses, or particular hobby. On this same page there needs to be compelling offer to buy or to schedule an appointment. Don’t try to trick your customers. You just need an irresistible value proposition and a way to take advantage of that offer right now.

This page needs to have 3 main key word phrases implemented in these areas:

–          Meta Tags Like; Page Title, Page Description and Page Keywords

–          The Page Title using the <H1> tag

–          The first sentence or two of the page copy

(See The Keyword Profile Guide for more information about preparing focus on a page)

Step 3 Link Campaigning

Incoming Links are important. Not only does it give search engines like Google a way to see how popular you are it also adds plumbing to the internet to guide search engine robots (spiders) to your site. The quickest way to get indexed is to get links from other web sites pointing to your web site.

The goal here is to get links that go directly to your specific landing pages. There are many places that you can do this. For example: Get listed on a niche