QR Codes are barcodes which connect Smartphones to a webpage. That page can have pictures, text, video, or anything else that you can place on a webpage;  Your website’s home page, a page with product info, a “nice to meet you” video (from a QR Code on your  business card)- the possibilities are not limited! 

Scan the code with a barcode app on your smartphone, and a video (or anything with a web address) will appear full screen on your phone! Introduce yourself, and show a map of where your business is with a QR Code on your business card! Place one on your invoices to personally tell your customers ‘thank you!’ with a video of yourself’!

There are a lot of ways QR Codes can help you and your business connect with your clients! Call us for more info – you’ll be amazed at how affordable this is!




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Pamela Jett CSP

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